eneri - Questionnaire for online survey about research ethics and -integrity expertise

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Prepared by: Robert Braun, Tine Ravn, Erich Griessler, Niels Mejlgaard

Research integrity (i.e. professional standards of conducting research) and research ethics (i.e. moral principles embedded in research) are pertinent topics in scientific research. The changing nature of science and of research infrastructures together with a rising number of cases of research misconduct, have shown a continued importance for different kinds of research ethics and research integrity expertise – for instance individually represented by RE/RI practitioners, policy/law experts and academic experts or collectively in the form of RI/RE committees and assessment boards, among others. The EU commission wishes to build an e-community/database of European and international experts in the different fields of research ethics and integrity. Such a database would assist responsible people to set up oversight bodies, committees, teaching and training and other processes involving people with the appropriate skills, competences and experience. We would like to seek your advise on how to best design the expert database, including your assessment on relevant and core RI/RE expert skills and competences.